How do I become a customer?

To do this you must register before placing an order, or when confirming your basket.

How do I access my customer account?

If you login (enter your email address and your password entered when you registered) you will find various ways of consulting or modifying your account.

How can I contact customer services?

At the bottom of the page (Below) there is a link to a contact form, but check the FAQ section first as your question may be answered there.

I am unable to print my tickets, what should I do?

The tickets are images, in some navigators, the printing of images is deactivated, which means the tickets cannot be printed. Change this option, and you will be able to print your tickets.

Do I need a colour printer?

You can print your ticket on a colour or black and white printer. The tickets must be printed on white A4 paper which is clean on both sides.

Can I print out my tickets as many times as I like?

Yes. Please note however, that only the first copy of your ticket shown at the door will allow admission.

Problem of a blank page with 'Äúfinished'Äù at the bottom of the screen

This is certainly due to a 'ÄòTrojan'Äô (a sort of virus), which is called 'ÄòSpy.Passkiller'Äô, on your computer.
We strongly advise you to remove it.
It is simple to remove.
Firstly go to the task manager. Look for the 'ÄòSP.EXE'Äô process and end it.
Then, search for SP.EXE files on all your hard drives. Usually, but not always, the SP programme is loaded in the root of the C: drive.
Delete all the files found.
Finally, open the registry (Execute regedit.exe), start a new search for SP.EXE and delete any keys found. There should only be one, but because of the search carried out before, it is possible that a second key may be listed.